Creating transparency in the cash market for SOYMEAL

Spot Market Insights: Soymeal combines proprietary spot market pricing data with expert analysis on the soy complex.

Our clients gain concise, actionable intelligence to inform their soymeal buying and selling strategies.

Spot Market Insights: Soymeal is updated twice per week, and includes on going email Alerts of critical news impacting the soy complex. Each update of Spot Market Insights:  Soymeal includes:


Stay current on the latest developments impacting the soymeal spot market:


Spot Market Insights: Soymeal provides price and market sentiment assessments that indicate reliable market value and conditions. These assessments are objective and adhere to industry norms with respect to volume standards, delivery method, currency, quality and geographic location.

Twice a week, Spot Market Insights: Soymeal updates the high and low prices paid and the range in basis levels for soymeal in major U.S. trading regions. Weekly coverage includes the following spot markets for soymeal:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Southeastern U.S.
  • Minnesota
  • Northern Iowa
  • Southern Iowa
  • China (factory posted price, RMB/mt)

…and coming soon:

  • Missouri
  • Kansas/Nebraska
  • DelMarVa
  • West Coast

Price assessments are based on large transactions involving truckloads or larger volumes. Unless otherwise noted, all prices are on a short ton, FOB basis.


Find out what’s happening in each assessment region that’s impacting soymeal basis, spot prices, and end-user buying patterns. Use this expert narrative to inform your own transactions, and plan for the future.


Sentiment can drive the soymeal market, and Spot Market Insights: Soymeal captures and identifies those influences with each update. Whether it’s a USDA report, weather in South America, or out–of–the–ordinary trades, if it affects market sentiment, you’ll find it analyzed here.


The influences on the macro soybean complex never stop. But what are the most critical data points for you to consider? Trust Spot Market Insights: Soymeal to cut through the clutter to give you just the data you need to inform your planning and buying/selling strategies.

Twice a week, you’ll find a consolidated analysis of the major factors impacting soybean markets around the world. You’ll use this expert analysis to understand both the current and future impact on soymeal prices. Topics analyzed change regularly based on market conditions, and can include:

  • Soybean crush margins
  • Acreage reports
  • Soybean inventory levels, both domestic and international
  • Poultry, pork, cattle volumes
  • Import/exports
  • Crop progress/quality
  • Weather patterns
  • Managed money positions

…and much more!


Tying it all together, this twice-weekly synopsis identifies how the dynamics of the global soybean complex will impact soymeal prices in the short, medium, and long term.

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Take a look at a sample issue.If you’re still not convinced, call or email today for a FREE, current issue!
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